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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knowing the Rules!

As a friend, you just gotta know the rules. One of the rules is that you don't fuck with your friend's girl or guy. It's common sense and it should never happen. Even if your friend and his or her significant other aren't involved with each other anymore, that's one situation you should stay away from. When you get involved with your friend's ex, it's like a slap in the face, you're basically saying fuck our friendship. And then what it does is damage trust and makes shit awkward. See the thing about me is that I'm a loyal friend. Not just to my immediate friends but to everybody I consider a friend. I will never put myself in a situation where I could get involved with one of my boy's girls. I don't flirt with them, I don't friend request them on Facebook, I don't comment on pics, shit I don't even speak to them unless they're with my boy. I make it clear that the only connection that me and you have is through my boy. That way, if she and my boy don't work out, then she'll be out of the picture for good. Because I know, that if I still keep in touch with her, there's always going to be that possibility. The best thing to do is never be in that situation. I'm actually kinda in this situation rite now. One of my boys recently kinda crossed into that "no fly zone" with a girl I used to be involved with. Not a big deal, but its still something you don't do. But you know I'm mature about mine so I handled the situation in the appropriate a grown man.

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