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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Queen


Where have you been? I've been searching for your presence and beauty for as long as I can remember. Your absence has left me unstable and misguided. 

Queen, please, come claim your throne adjacent to mine. Be the one that I turn to for foundation. Be my eyes and ears so that I can walk down the correct path of loyalty, faith, and love.

Let down your guard, become vulnerable, realize that not every man has the intent on hurting you. You deserve the protection and security of royalty. 

Your strength and ferociousness are proven qualities of only a King is worthy to experience. You are a gift to mankind and you deserve this kingdom.

Queen, you deserve the highest quality of life, nothing short of happiness, joyfulness, peace, and serenity. The sun will rise and shine with your every smile.

Queen, patience is essential, you deserve a King that embodies the values of family and tradition. One who covets and earns your trust. 

You should be thoroughly satisfied, mind, body, and soul...

Queen….here I am,



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  1. That's a really pretty poem Duke it looks like someone has finally broke your hard exterior and might be reaching ur soft interior lol...but its beautiful to express ur self that way no homo and I can see as time continues your growing up more and more