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Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's crazy how when you don't got it, you want it. But when you got it, you don't appreciate it and you really don't want it. I guess I can say that's how I feel when it comes to having a girl. There are so many ups and positives that come with having a girl. There are so many fun and memorable times. But shit, girls always find ways to transform into the biggest headaches lol. I'm pretty it works both ways, but I'm speaking on my behalf rite now so bare with me. Often times, I find myself thinking about all the reasons I would want a girl. I always see us walking in the cold somewhere in San Francisco wearing nice ass peacoats, or see us randomly buying each other shit and surprising each other, or see her picking me up in my car from school or practice, or I see her be there waiting for me after my football games to give me a kiss even though I was stinky lol, or even just laying in the bed together all day. Yea I always think about all that good shit. But then something changes and I start to think about all the reasons I don't want a girl. I think about how I don't want her checking up on me just because she can, and I don't wanna feel obligated to talk on the phone when I don't feel like it, and I don't want all the accusations and assumptions that she comes with lol, or the complaints and nagging about me spending too much time with my boys and not enough with her. Essentially I would lose a small portion of my freedom. And I don't know how to take that. And don't tell me, "you're young, don't worry about it, have fun Duke", everybody that tells me that is single or ugly...or both. But yea, at this exact point in my life, I think I'm ready for a nice woman to blow me away. But there's no telling how I may feel three months from now. I guess that's a risk that someone is just gonna have to take with me. I know what, I'm done with this blog, maybe I'll pick up where I left off later.

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  1. I suppose the bad should outweigh the positive. If you find a woman that embodies all of your long desired qualities, then little things such as checking in and talking on the phone when you don't want to won't matter. With a relationship comes compromises but I'm sure that you know that. Hope ya find her soon ;) Loved reading the other posts as well!